Every thing has a much longer life path than it seems at first.


The purpose of the project is to draw attention to the fact that

every thing has a much longer way of life than it seems at first; it is worth taking a more solid approach to buying things and clothes, in other words – support mindful business / local manufacturer / ideological background.

Our idea is to create unique products through a combination of technological materials that remain after Ukrainian production processes and high-quality details.


All our factories are located in cozy Lviv locations, with the coolest specialists working on sewing machines. All in all we have already collaborated with four workshops, currently sewing our collections at two of them.


The difference is that each factory specializes in working with materials of different thicknesses. Accordingly, the one is used to make items from paragliding materials, and on the other is used to make items from small ships.


We also have a variety of partners throughout Ukraine. For example, the Liteway brand from Kryvyi Rih. Accordingly, we collaborated on collection of Urban Pack backpacks as well as small bag-purse Pokkie Bags, which move to another part of the country and allow us to expand our production horizons.

We have a team of designers and people who make test patterns / trial crafts, which are reviewed and tested for a while before making adjustments.

In general, the process is very interesting, but time consuming.


Materials are our big advantage. It is a place where we embody all our ideas.

We try to make the most of what is left after the production of interesting products. We are always in the process of seeking and prioritizing non-standard technological materials with interesting characteristics. Our collection is constantly updating. We are looking for more and more new partners. In this list we indicate materials we are using on a regular basis, while making our permanent collections.

Skytex is the first material we came across in a friendly rivalry. We get this super weightless and strong nylon from 2 different Ukrainian paragliders manufecturers. It has quite unusual characteristics, it is transparent, especially colored ones (the contents of the bag, which is closer to the inside panels is translucent); it rustles like autumn leaves, white nylon rustles louder, colored one rustles less. This durable material has a waterproof coating and a very interesting structure. You will immediately notice the squares that make up the material (such weaving makes our items stronger and reliable).


This material does not require special care. It is better to hand wash this material in warm soapy water, so to retain all material properties for as long as possible. But do not be afraid to use the washing machine, but it is a good idea to wash it on low speed and use special gels, which will not damage the coating. Of course, with the time white color could be worn through, but careful use can keep the surface clean for a long time.


We make our Babadag Bag, as well as Urban Pack collaboration backpacks, Pokkie Bags as well as Lima and Yelagiri Bag out of this material.